Trey hopes for a miracle on Colorado Blvd in Denver

Are we waiting or are we doing?

One person can't save the world, but perhaps xe can save xemself, and maybe help another.

If there were a way to help everyone, that would be neat.


Let's Change the World

We can create peace within our communities. We can heal the wounds that divide us.


Promoting Non-Profit and Community Organizations

There are so many organizations that are on the ground, serving in our communities, and making real, positive difference. Far too often, these organizations are under-funded, under-staffed, over-worked, and under-represented. Building Beyond Me provides support in online marketing, website functionality, social media optimization, content marketing, promotional campaigns, and long-term, quality communications with donors, benefactors, and program recipients. Contact us for a free consultation.

Partnering with local organizations

We are proud to partner with and provide support for local organizations such as Families Forward Resource Center. Families Forward believes that strong families build strong communities, and they provide comprehensive support to any family in need in the northeast neighborhoods of Denver and north Aurora, Colorado. Learn more about the work of Families Forward Resource Center at


Participating in networks with common goals

The Far Northeast Denver Community Collaborative is a networking organization comprised of individuals, local businesses, community organizations, non-profits, and religious institutions in Denver and Aurora, Colorado. The aim of the Collaborative is to create strong networking ties in order to work together to improve their neighborhoods. Learn more about joining the collaborative at


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Some Topics of Discussion

It all started when...


Hello, I'm Ryan.

I have this funny idea that sharing my story and others sharing their stories will somehow change the world.  The idea may be far fetched, because let's face it, my story is no more interesting than anyone else's.  Who knows though, maybe someday, somebody will read something that sparks them to do something neat.  If not, I've spent a lot of time on something that kept my mind focused (I'm using that loosely) through a time when focus was not my forté :)

Let's tell our stories.  Let's tell of good times, bad times, excitement, and tragedy. Tig Notaro reminds us in her album "Live," that tragedy plus time equals comedy. Maybe if we're telling a tragedy now, we can build beyond and tell the comedy of that tragedy in the future.


Some Call Themselves Survivors, Some are just Surviving, Too Many Don't Survive

The stigma around mental health has reduced somewhat in recent years, but it still plagues many of us. Sharing our stories can help us to feel less alone, and in theory, should help to reduce stigma.

Posts Related to Mental Health

Creativity and Art are Synonymous with Being Human

For many of us, we create to escape the demons of our minds. For others, we have a message for the world. For others, there is no reason, there is simply process.

We would like to feature and help to market the art of our members. Please consider creating an account and sharing your art or your story.

So Many Social Networks!

With so many options out there, it's hard to decide what to use, and just as you get the hang of one, your friends and family have moved on to the next. Personally, I'm a fan of Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Google+, and Vimeo

The Instagram Community

Instagram is my preferred social network. I've always been a visual person, and I enjoy the simplicity of the platform. I've made so many friends from around the world, and it's amazing to see real-time news events as they're being experienced by those you follow. Below you'll see my latest Instagram photos and if you'd like to see more, please follow me, @irlmo. If you don't have the Instagram app, click here to download it.

The Twitterverse

I've been on Twitter for ages (long enough to have a short username) and use it mostly as a place to keep up with current events. You're welcome to follow me on the Twitter, but it's not the place where I generally post the most.  Follow me @rlmo

Video killed the... well... video store, I guess.

Video has taken on many forms since the advent of motion pictures, and now it's the medium of choice for most digital marketers, enthusiasts, and your every day average phone user.

Here's a random smattering of a few videos I've done. To see more, visit

While walking home from the dentist, the sound of this storm drainage reminded me of the ocean. I sat and listened to it for a while, and felt a few minutes of peace.

I sat under some beautiful paintings for several days, and as luck would have it, was fortunate enough to meet the artist. I had just listened to an episode of Professor Blastoff where they discussed synesthesia. Imagine my surprise to learn that the artist was a synesthete. Read More about Devon Westland.

A moment of being back on Cape Cod. It felt so good to be by the ocean again, if only for a brief time. (my brother's site) shows you the DIY process of repairing a dryer vent duct. This is a condensed, quick video, but it's not a quick fix. When a dry cycle isn't enough to keep your clothes from coming out damp, you may have a venting problem. A clogged vent could be a fire hazard.

Video Editing

I am amazed at how simple and FAST video editing has become. I remember the good ol' days of digital video editing where you had to wait ten minutes for every little change to render. Now it happens on the fly, on the computer, and more impressively (and sometimes more easily) on the phone. There used to be some great, quick video editing and sharing social platforms like Ptch, but they have mostly disappeared as 'stories' have become the thing on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. I'm not big into the 'stories' idea, so I stick with my old standbys.

On the phone, I'm using Clips, iMovie, and Vizmato. On the computer, I'm still mighty partial to Final Cut Pro X.