Last Update 2017-06-03 - Policies subject to change at any time.

Privacy Policy

It's pretty cut and dry. BuildingBeyond.Me will never give away, sell, trade, or in any way provide your information to a third party without your written permission. As a member and user of the website, we may obtain some information about you, like your name and email address, and other things. No matter what, to the extent that we are capable, your information will never leave us. We may send you emails or contact you via other methods that you provide, but we promise to never spam you, and will only send you information that we deem relevant to you or the functioning of the site. You can opt out of receiving mailings (aside from system generated / account related) by visiting the Privacy tab in My Account.

Your Profile and Shared Information

Any media, content, information, or otherwise that you share through your profile or the messaging of other site members is solely your responsibility. BuildingBeyond.Me cannot be held liable or responsible for the content of its users. A few guidelines for sharing:

  • Be Nice - We want to encourage difficult, awkward, deep, off-the-wall, mind-bending, position-altering conversations. This does not in any to say that we don't expect courtesy, decorum, and thoughtful reaction to content. If something makes you angry, please spend some time identifying where the anger is coming from, and reply from that perspective. Lashing out is unacceptable.
  • Any content which could be considered defamatory, hateful, bullying, illegal, or reasonably objectionable is prohibited.
  • Do not share copyrighted works without proper attribution or permission.
  • All content created within your profile is considered to be copyrighted to you, the profile owner.
  • BuildingBeyond.Me cannot be held responsible for the redistribution of your information via social media or other means.
  • Should something you share go "viral," BuildingBeyond.Me is not responsible for communications you receive regarding your content, nor comments made, nor the impact (perceived or otherwise) on your character or identity.
  • BuildingBeyond.Me is in no way responsible for the actions of its users, however we will take any notices of abuse very seriously. If you feel something is inappropriate or abusive, please email and we will communicate with you regarding the situation and establish steps for resolving the situation.

Be default, your profile information is viewable by the public. You can choose whether to show your profile to the public, to other site members only, or to no one at all. To change your preferences, please visit My Account and click on the Privacy tab. When you create a profile on BBMe, a basic profile is also created within the forum. The forum profile will display only your name. This profile and it's privacy settings are not governed by the settings in the Privacy Tab. You can modify your profile in the forum by visiting My Forum Profile and clicking the circle with a pencil icon near the upper right.

BuildingBeyond.Me reserves the right to remove a user's profile at any time for any reason. If complaints are received about a user's profile, we will make every attempt to rectify the situation by communicating with the profile owner before banning the user.

Copyright and Usage


Have you looked into the Creative Commons License?  Check out

I don't really know how the law works in terms of sharing things on the Internet.  It's weird because we see it a lot on Facebook and Tumblr and all sorts of places like that where advertising is taking place (more loosely on Tumblr). That said, we make every attempt to provide proper attribution to any content shared on BuildingBeyond.Me and we expect attribution in return when content from BuildingBeyond.Me is shared, used, or repurposed.

Nothing said here is supposed to represent, warrant, endorse, maim, milk, appreciate, despise, trademark, cows, or anything else, the company or persons or thoughts expressed here.

One time, I saw a cease and desist from photostock, or imagefly, or istockphoto (I wish my memory was better).  That made me nervous.  I want to be able to talk about things that make me gleeful, make me scared, make me excited, freak me out, etc.  I don't want to say or do something that is incorrect, misleading, ill informed, or otherwise lascivious or devious.  I don't know what that means either. 

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