About Building Beyond Me

What and Why is Building Beyond Me?

Change will come - One Step at a Time - Person to Person - Friend to Friend

Hello and thank you for your interest in Building Beyond Me.  This has been an ever changing project for the better part of the last few years. 

This Building Beyond Imagery was created by Randolph Ellison in 2014. The life preserver was meant to show that we can hang on until help arrives.

The mission of Building Beyond Me is to create a loving, caring, compassionate community where all people can be accepted. We hope to help individuals and organizations take their next positive step. We do this through telling our stories, creating discourse, resolving disagreements, and supporting one another.

It is our desire to promote community and peace building projects. We want to showcase art and artists to help them grow and be inspired. We hope to offer non-profit and community organizations support to foster their growth and effectiveness.

Building Beyond Me is committed to getting food, medication, and veterinary care for dogs in Naguabo, Puerto Rico, where we are located.

If you’re ever in the area, shoot us a message so we can say hello or go kayaking. :)

Meet the Members of Building Beyond Me

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