Video killed the... well... video store, I guess.

Video has taken on many forms since the advent of motion pictures, and now it's the medium of choice for most digital marketers, enthusiasts, and your every day average phone user.

More and more, video is being used to spread powerful messages of peace, liberation, and creativity.

We are working to create a library of videos from our users. Please feel free to share your video links in your profile or email them to

Mission 2250

A young peace builders story about his work in Nigerian communities. Learn more about Mission 2250 and "Mr. Magicman" 

Perceived Reality - The art of a Synesthete

Learn more about Devon Westland and his amazing art.

We all experience Ups and Downs

We need to find our moments of solace. See more videos by Ryan on Vimeo @rlmo

Video Editing

I am amazed at how simple and FAST video editing has become. I remember the good ol' days of digital video editing where you had to wait ten minutes for every little change to render. Now it happens on the fly, on the computer, and more impressively (and sometimes more easily) on the phone. There used to be some great, quick video editing and sharing social platforms like Ptch, but they have mostly disappeared as 'stories' have become the thing on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. I'm not big into the 'stories' idea, so I stick with my old standbys.

On the phone, I'm using Clips, iMovie, and Vizmato. On the computer, I'm still mighty partial to Final Cut Pro X.