So Many Social Networks!

With so many options out there, it's hard to decide what to use, and just as you get the hang of one, your friends and family have moved on to the next. Personally, I'm a fan of Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Google+, and Vimeo

The Instagram Community

Instagram is my preferred social network. I've always been a visual person, and I enjoy the simplicity of the platform. I've made so many friends from around the world, and it's amazing to see real-time news events as they're being experienced by those you follow. Below you'll see the latest Instagram photos from BBMe and also from, me, Ryan. If you'd like to see more, please follow us, @buildingbeyondme, @irlmo. If you don't have the Instagram app, click here to download it.

Building Beyond Me's Instagram @buildingbeyondme

Ryan's Instagram @irlmo

The Twitterverse

I've been on Twitter for ages (long enough to have a short username) and use it mostly as a place to keep up with current events. You're welcome to follow me on the Twitter, but it's not the place where I generally post the most.  Please feel free to follow BBMe @BBeyondMe or you can follow me @rlmo