Promoting Non-Profit and Community Organizations

There are so many organizations that are on the ground, serving in our communities, and making real, positive difference. Far too often, these organizations are under-funded, under-staffed, over-worked, and under-represented. Building Beyond Me provides support in online marketing, website functionality, social media optimization, content marketing, promotional campaigns, and long-term, quality communications with donors, benefactors, and program recipients. Contact us for a free consultation.

Partnering with local organizations

We are proud to partner with and provide support for local organizations such as Families Forward Resource Center. Families Forward believes that strong families build strong communities, and they provide comprehensive support to any family in need in the northeast neighborhoods of Denver and north Aurora, Colorado. Learn more about the work of Families Forward Resource Center at


Participating in networks with common goals

The Far Northeast Denver Community Collaborative is a networking organization comprised of individuals, local businesses, community organizations, non-profits, and religious institutions in Denver and Aurora, Colorado. The aim of the Collaborative is to create strong networking ties in order to work together to improve their neighborhoods. Learn more about joining the collaborative at


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