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A Little About the Creator of BBMe


Hello.  My name is Ryan.  That's my real name, and this is my real website. I am a person, just like you.  I have experienced good, bad, and everything in between in my life. 

I'm a 37 year old person living in Puerto Rico. My move was in August of 2017, and was an intention to shock my system back into feeling alive. I'm not sure if that's worked or not yet, but the change of pace and scenery is probably the most healthy thing I've experienced in a while.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, I was on top of the world in some respects.  I had a good job, a beautiful home, a wonderful fiancé, a nice car, lots of friends, and an overall good life.  What was missing though was the reality.  The reality that was that I was dealing with a mental illness, one that I could not control, and was controlling me more and more as time passed.  I was a ticking time bomb.  The bomb finally went off in 2014 and I watched as my life crumbled around me.  I lost my home, I lost my car, I lost my fiancé, I lost my professional network, I lost my job, and my identity.

Now I am struggling to redefine my identity, and this website is a part of my journey in redefining and finding out who I am.  I want to be the person who tells a story of a life that gets better.  In the past, I've had hard times, and things got better.  I hope that rings true for this situation as well.  I look forward to a better life, though I have no idea what form that life will take. 

I would love to hear from you about the struggles and triumphs in your life.  Perhaps if we all work together, we can create a better world.  

Much love, friend :-)

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