Does This Train Go to Broadway?

A Simple Gesture, A Sigh of Relief


"Excuse me," came a meek, older female, heavily accented voice. "Does this train go to Broadway?" 

"Yes," answered a young female voice.  

"Does it go to Colorado?" 

"Yes, it goes to Colorado first, then DU, then Louisiana - Pearl, then Broadway, then Alameda." 

"Oh. I'm not sure. Will there be announcements?" 

"It's okay, I ride this train a lot. I'm going all the way downtown, so why don't you sit with me and I'll let you know where to get off."  

I didn't turn around, so I have no idea what these two people look like, but over the course of a few stops and unintentional eavesdropping, I learned the woman is from the Middle East. She's just flown into Denver and this is her third train to get to the station where her ride is waiting. The girl's heritage is Italian, but she's third generation American.

In no time at all, a kind girl eased the mind of a nervous traveler, opened up about herself, and helped someone in need. The woman, for a brief time, had a friend to lighten her load. 

What a good day. 


Some Earlier Days

Some Earlier Days

The years of my life on Cape Cod were some of the most wonderful, difficult, happiest times of my life.  I am forever grateful to my East Coast family.  

I found 38 videos from my time on the Cape.  They're grainy and terrible, so I put them together in this montage. I hope you enjoy them :)