Your Donations at Work

On one of the mornings that I was waiting in line well before sunrise, I started chatting with the people in the car behind me. They were waiting for hours to get gas to get to the hospital to see little baby Aiden who is suffering a lung infection and asthma. Aiden is 14 months old, and was going to being released from the hospital due to over-crowding. He desperately needs an oxygen pump in order to breathe.

Not only did I meet Aiden's grandmother, Yolanda, but his father Gabi. I could tell that Gabi was holding back emotion as he told me about his son, how he needed the money to buy the oxygen pump, and how he is trying to get off the island to make money to support his family.

In another instance, we came across a former coworker of my neighbor, Elizabeth, who is kindly letting Izzabel and me stay with her even in her grief from her husband's passing last week since we have no roof. The man's name is Michael. He is working overtime in Ceiba at $7.25/hr, which is barely enough to scrape by, and leaves no wiggle room for emergencies. His car was broken down on the side of the highway, and he was trapped with no money and no way to move or repair his car. Money donated to Building Beyond Me went to Michael so that he can get to work. Otherwise he would be homeless in very short order.

Today we are in search of diapers for a single mother of 2 who is all alone without any support, struggling to get by. Elizabeth is also helping a handicapped elderly woman to prepare for a flight to her son's home in Philadelphia where she can get the medical attention she needs. We will be taking her to the airport in San Juan on Monday.

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Thank You!