What Do YOU Need Right Now?

Does it feel like we’re just getting an onslaught of bad from every angle? If it’s not the environment and killer storms and forest fires in unraked areas, it’s politics. The holidays are upon us, and yes, we must give an extra nod of approval to our benevolent overlord for his incredible generosity in pardoning not only Peas, but ALSO (can you imagine it?) Carrots, too!

But seriously, what do YOU need right now?

“What About Us?” What about…
Earth Song © 1995 MJJ Productions Inc.


I think I’m asking the question of what do you need right now in order to pull myself back down to earth. There are all of the major things that we want; world peace, healthy for more than the wealthy, and hell, let’s throw in conquering other planets. So, do you know how to make a pencil? I don’t either. That’s a pretty basic thing, but everything is done through so many layers and so many players playing their little parts.

At a time like Thanksgiving, when you can’t help yourself from listening to Santa Land Diaries for the 40th time, and wonder what we’re really doing to help our fellow man, or maybe even more importantly, ourselves. When I get to thinking about these things, inevitably my mind wanders to carbon emissions, to my footprint, to what I need to do better. Another quick question (sorry about all that), but do you know how to make a tomato?

Do you know how to make a pencil? No.

Do you know how to make a tomato? Yes (ish).

Isn’t that weird? Something invariably more difficult to make, we actually know how to plant a seed, nurture it, and make a tomato (okay, the plant does all the work, but still). Did you know that making your own tomato can reduce your carbon footprint as well as help offset the lack of nutrition most of us have been trying to survive on?

So, what do you need right now?

It could be something so simple as a glass of water. We all have the opportunity to make a decision to do the next thing. That decision can be good for us, and also be good for the environment, or that decision can be self destructive. I’m hoping in this season that we all take a moment before making our small decisions, and choose the one that makes a positive difference for us. No matter how small, the cumulative effect on humanity could be profound.