The Us and the We and the I and the You of the Me

Building Beyond Me is Multi-Faceted

Hi, Ryan here. I'm part of the Us and the We and the I and the You and the Me of BBMe. Although I'm working to develop the website into a community with much stronger emphasis on the You and Us, etc., there is a reality in the identity of the site, and that is that the original Me in BBMe is me, Ryan.

I would highly encourage you to become a member of the site and be a part of the community so that we can make this all a little less "Me" centric. Also, don't forget to pop into the forums and have a little conversation. We're aiming for awkward and deep and funny and all sorts of things, so let your imagination run wild through your keyboard.

I've been writing on BuildingBeyond.Me for several years as this project was initially my personal blog. Now that we're expanding out into more of a community, I feel like there's a little bit of an identity crisis going on. How do I separate out what is "Me" vs what is Me for everyone else? I'm going to continue to keep my personal blog on the site. Should you ever care to know of my personal ramblings, you can see them here