State of Happiness - A Glimpse Into a Life

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"I've Adapted to All Sorts of Things"


State of Happiness offers us a small glimpse into the life of an unconventional language teacher. Lori-Ann shares with us some of the difficulties of being vision impaired, and also her inspirational message of coping, adapting, and finding happiness. State of Happiness is currently in festivals and therefore we can't show you the film in its entirety, but here's a sneak preview:

State of Happiness

  • Starring Lori-Ann Strange
  • Directed by Marina Khijniak
  • Produced by Arjun Khokhani
  • Filmed by Nihar Khokhani
  • Edited by Rita Martinos

Lori-Ann is an English as a Second Language Teacher at Global Village English Centres in Toronto. Marina Khijniak, from Spain, the film's director was a student in Lori-Ann's class.

"Lori-Ann was my English teacher in Toronto and she is an amazing person! I decided to make my first movie and share her story with other people. Her life is so inspiring, even more when there are so many souls lost in the world" – Marina Khijniak

Lori-Ann credits strong support from her family and the support that her family received from the Canadian Institute for the Blind (CNIB). Through the hardships that Lori-Ann has faced, she retains an incredible spirit and grounded nature. She is proof that people living with disabilities can, with the right tools and support, live full and productive lives.

"I think euphoria is a fool's errand. To aim for perfection, I don't think that's life, but contentment, I aim for that. I don't think it's settling at all." – Lori-Ann

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