We Will Always Remember Our Friend, Danielle

We are re-posting this post from 2017 in memory of our dear friend and BBMe member, Danielle Dupree. Although she is no longer with us, our love will always be with her, her wife, family, and friends.

Danielle battled cancer; a hero with an amazing past.

With Love,

Building Beyond Me

Author, Danielle Dupree, Brings us Slay the Introvert Way

Click Image to Buy Slay in eBook or Paperback

Click Image to Buy Slay in eBook or Paperback

A Woman's Guide to Seeing Her Value, Finding Her Voice, and Getting Ahead

Danielle Dupree is a motivational speaker, author, women's advocate, and an introvert. 

Learn from a pro (that has lived the process) of becoming more confident, overcoming social anxieties, and being your authentic self in business and life transactions.

Danielle is an excellent and practiced communicator and Slay The Introvert Way identifies the five dragons blocking introverted women from professional success. This guide gives clear, easy-to-implement action steps that will help you slay those dragons daily so that you can see your value, find your voice, and get ahead.