We Wish to Save Them All

We Need Short-Term and Long-Term Homes

Whether it is the packs of dogs roaming the streets and beaches, or the ones that have a good home but the neighbors disapprove, we want to save all of the dogs. Want and capability are two different things. We are doing our best to make sure that dogs in Naguabo are being fed regularly, and we are feeding dogs that we have to find homes for.

There are 10 dogs in desparate need of new homes. They are facing euthasia, and we are heartbroken to think that might happen. More information is available at https://www.buildingbeyond.me/blog/save-magalys-dogs

In Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, there are 10 dogs that need homes ASAP. Otherwise they will be taken to the pound and exterminated. Please help us figure out this problem. If you have any ideas, email support@buildingbeyond.me


Imagine having children and they are the only beings that show you love in the world, and then imagine a judge takes them away. The best you can do is fight hard to make sure they find a safe place to go before they are sent to be euthanized. That’s our situation right now, and we need as much help as we can get.

Donate to Magaly's Dogs

We have made some progress and may have secured them long-term homes on the US mainland, but that is not available for at least a month. Ideally we will find them safe and loving homes here in Puerto Rico. If you know anyone in Puerto Rico, please, send them a quick message about these dogs. We would be forever in your debt.

Please Let us Know if You Can Help or Have Referral Information

Please help us save Magaly’s Dogs from death

Please help us save Magaly’s Dogs from death

If you know anyone that can facilitate finding new homes for these dogs, we would be eternally grateful.