A One Man Band Using His Voice for Equal Rights

When you’re working to create art that unifies and helps people, your job never ends. Sage Suede supports egalitarianism and LGBTQ rights.

Sage Suede is an American singer-songwriter and record producer from Austin, Texas. He is experimental and creates music that can be classified as hip hop, electropop, alternative & reggaeton. He started SageSuede.com in 2015, while attending college in Boston. –sagesuede.com

In our conversations about linking Sage Suede and Building Beyond Me, we learned a lot about the man behind the music and the brand. Having played instruments from 5 years old to mixing electronic beats in middle school, his dream has been to be a professional musician that is able to make change with his art. He takes on the subjects of gender inequality, sexuality, and advocacy in his music.

Sage has recorded songs in several different languages including English, French, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese. Sage writes his lyrics as a polyglot, in multiple languages, and through collaboration with friends around the world, fine tunes the grammar to create the finished product.

One song in French, “Un Photo de Toi Nu”, is a silly rendition of a conversation where Sage’s follower begged him for nudes in French. Sage maintained his integrity and kept the fan satisfied by creating a song about the moment, instead of revealing himself. Throughout the catalogue of Sage’s work, you’ll find electropop, reggaeton, hip hop, and a style that is all his own.

Sage Suede is truly a global artist with followers from all around the world.

Sage chose the name of his brand intuitively.

“I go by Sage Suede, because music is a spiritual experience and a Sage is a spiritual leader; I wanted to capture a style that is like the material suede, which is smooth but also a little rough & edgy.” –Sage Suede

We were introduced to Sage Suede by his hit song, Soft Serve Chillin from his first EP, Electropapi. After that we listened further into his music and his message, and we are happy to share support from Building Beyond Me to Sage Suede’s mission.

MusicVideo for Soft Serve Chillin, from ElectroPapi EP by Sage Suede. ElectroPapi transcends genres and can be described as a combination of hip hop, reggaeton, electronic, and pop music. Sage Suede is an independent artist in Austin, Texas. He created this musical EP - ElectroPapi - over the span of a few years and performed all musical production.