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"Your experiences with mental illness may be entirely different from mine" – Rebecca Lombardo

Rebecca Lombardo is a hero in her own right. Having battled mental illness for over 25 years, she has managed to maintain a happy marriage, fight through the darkness of Bipolar Disorder, and become an advocate and major support for others.


July 24 thru July 30 is #KeepTalkingMH week. Check out to learn more about the movement and to find out how you can win prizes for participating! Not only a viral hashtag, #KeepTalkingMH is a reminder to all of us that talking about mental health is not only vitally important, but not something we should be ashamed to do. There is NO SHAME in talking about mental health or mental illness. 

It's Not Your Journey
By Rebecca Lombardo

It's Not Your Journey

"It's Not Your Journey" is presented as a book about personal experiences. There is much to be learned, but everyone's experience in coping with mental health challenges is different. We often make decisions that seem to be the best at the time, but in hindsight we can see that they were not the best for us or those around us. The experiences presented in this book offer us a perspective, and that perspective may be of great benefit to someone who is currently struggling with their health or identity. Please read the "Note from the Author" on

If you get the opportunity to get to know Rebecca, either through her work, her podcasts, or her live chats, you will find an engaging, delightful, full and kind-hearted person who is truly working to create a better world for all of us.

Rebecca's Podcast

Rebecca is an author and a mental health advocate. She's a blogger, a podcast host, and the host of online live support chat group meetings.

You can learn much more about Rebecca by reading her story below, and also by visiting her website