Video Update

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I recorded this early this morning, and venturing out today, I'm finding more stores are open, including a few pharmacies. I think we will be able to buy enough food locally. We were able to get paper towels (and not even from Trump, believe it or not!) and toilet paper and a few gallons of water. Most stores are still cash only though, so anyone with food stamps or EBT has no access.  

Cell service has spread as far east as Fajardo, but there's no internet access on the phone until Carolina.  

We can't seem to find any candles or lamp oil, so if anyone wants to mail some, we aren't going to have electricity for a very long time! I don't know if the mail is all making it to the island, and they're not doing home delivery, but I can go to the post office and get mail there, I think. 

We were able to buy dog food as well, but the number of dogs that are rummaging seems to have increased from what was already large amounts.  There are more horses running loose and several have been hit on the highway. As people are unable to feed themselves and get enough water, they're turning animals loose.

I mention a little about dealing with depression and mental illness in the video. I was a little emotional this morning, so please know that I'm doing okay. I won't be able to get a doctor here for a while, as I have to wait for my insurance, so I'm rationing meds. I'm trying to stay busy, but get rest.