Using Video to Inspire and Spread Empowerment and Peace

A young peace builder's story about his work in Nigerian communities

Part of a series called Mission 2250, a brief video introduction to the work of Paul Magicman Owi and his work to empower and inspire to promote peace.

I expressed my concern about the effectiveness of what we're trying to do with BuildingBeyond.Me, and the reply that came from an inspiring young gentleman was, "Follow your desire and Trust the Process. It is in the hunger for more that greatness is born." That young gentleman happens to have the middle name of Magicman, and I believe there's a true reason and meaning in that name.

I asked Mr. Magicman (I think that's what we'll call him from now on because it sounds fun) a little bit about what he does in his professional and personal life. It turns out that he's involved in media and technology. He is an aspiring documentary maker, video editor, grant writer, technology support person, and so much more.

Do you believe in Magic?

"I get my inspiration from engaging young people with Leadership, Peace building and Conflict Resolution Skills. I also train them to use media and tech as Peace building and storytelling tools."

We are so grateful that Mr. Magicman is a part of the Building Beyond Community, and we will be featuring much more of his work in the days to come.

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