We Got Knocked Down and Open Littermap Launched an App

Building Beyond Me Loses Long-Time #2 Ranking - and an App Debuted for Open Litter Map!

We knew it was coming. There’s been someone on our tail for a while, and quite frankly, we’re proud of him. You see, what @Seashorty on Twitter is doing is actively documenting and helping to clean up litter pollution in this, the only world we’ve got.

Now it’s one step easier to be a part of a citizen science global phenomenon, where we all do our small part to help save our planet. The first version of Open Litter Map is live on the app store. Remember though, you can always littermap in your browser by visiting www.openlittermap.com.

“I could go on and on about the excuses for being less active in litter-mapping, but instead I’d rather say, I’m proud that other people are out there working with us to try to create a better world.”

Yesterday I went to meet a friend under unfortunate circumstances. Car trouble on the road, limp the car to the mechanic. You know how it feels (maybe) and so while I was waiting to pick her up outside the mechanic’s office, I happened to litter-map and gather a small bag of trash from the sidewalk and curb area.

Playa Húcares, Naguabo, Puerto Rico  Litter Heatmap  9/9/2019  What would your neighborhood look like?  www.OpenLitterMap.com

Playa Húcares, Naguabo, Puerto Rico Litter Heatmap 9/9/2019

What would your neighborhood look like? www.OpenLitterMap.com

Tears welling in my friend’s eyes, she came out to tell me that I had come for no reason. Well, at the moment, the only thing my one track mind could think about was the little bag of trash, and so that’s what I blurted out. Instead of something like, no, you’re my friend and I love you and I’ll help whenever I can, I said, no, I had a perfectly great reason, and that was for my bag of litter.

Aside from being an insensitive friend, I want to give a heart felt thank you to OpenLitterMap.com and it’s founder Seán who has worked tirelessly for years to help provide an amazing tool like OpenLitterMap. Having data available to students, researchers, government entities, etc., makes it possible for us to build larger scale, more ecologically sensible schematics for our waste. We all know that it can’t continue the way that it has for far too long.

We are playing with fire by covering the world in Plastic. Other forms of litter are also horribly toxic, and they need to be addressed simultaneously.

OpenLitterMap.com is a web-based Citizen Science game that enables anyone to map, reveal, communicate and resolve litter (e.g. cigarette butts, plastic bottles etc.) anywhere on the globe using any device- just log in! Users can submit geotagged images and tag litter to gain experience points, Level Up and compete in multiple different leaderboards if they choose to go public.