One Year Later We Get The ShekCheck

One Year Following a Suicide Attempt

"The love I find for myself daily is my greatest challenge." – Erez Shek

Erez Shek has become a respected voice on mental health, Bipolar Disorder, suicide awareness matters, and more on the local Twitter and through his YouTube channel, appearances on programs such as Moments of Clarity, and on his website, 

"One Year: The Things I've Learned I never intended to Survive Suicide. I did though. I could not be more grateful. This year has been a year of transformation, transparency and finding truth within me. This video talks about all the things I've learned in just ONE YEAR of what happens when I started choosing to actually live with Bipolar."

Erez has a style all to his own in storytelling, and sometimes his story comes out in song, but no matter how it's presented, it's on point in terms of identity, support, and self-care. I have really enjoyed chatting with Erez and also reading his posts and watching his videos. 

I'm sharing this video specifically because it spoke directly to me in several aspects, but none more than the quote at the top of the page. Finding love for one's self seems like such a clichéd topic, but probably because it's so damned hard and comes (or doesn't) in so many forms. Erez shares his anniversary date of surviving suicide one year ago. So much can change in a year. Please take moment to visit It's worth your time.

I will never forget the date of my last suicide attempt. Life has been a rollercoaster since then, and continues to be a struggle. I'm inspired by people like Erez that are able to take their tragedy and turn it into activism and service to others. He's truly an example of Building Beyond (which is our sort of shameless way of hoping he'll become a member of the site [/member/join-the-community] hahahahaha of course you're welcome to join too, so please do!). 

If you are in need of help, please visit our Mental Health Resources Page.