nOCD - Revolutionizing OCD Treatment - With a Free App

OCD Treatment When and Where You Need It

nOCD is a smartphone and smartwatch app bringing technology into OCD treatment where patients need it most. nOCD was created by OCD patients for OCD patients.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), OCD affects up to 1% of the US adult population in a given year. OCD can range from mild to severe and can yield devastating results in sufferer's lives. If you suspect you or someone you love may be experiencing OCD, visit this article on the NIMH website for more information about symptoms, diagnosis, risk factors and more. 

In a few simple steps with this free iOS and Apple Watch App, you can set up a profile that includes your triggers and obsessions. Exercises are provided to help you specifically address your situation. The app tracks your progress, as well as your acute experiences which can help you see trends and helps you provide information to your medical providers or therapist.

With the companion smartwatch app, nOCD is a complete tool for you to not only manage your OCD, but conquer it. nOCD provides encrypted data storage, backup, and transfer and is HIPAA Compliant. They take your privacy seriously. Click here for the full privacy policy. 

"nOCD is quite a remarkable story and quite a remarkable use of technology. As an aside, in addition to OCD research/treatment, I am a huge fan of incorporating technology into anxiety and related treatments." –Dr. L. Kevin Chapman, PhD: The University of Louisville, Director of The Center for Mental Health Disparities

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