Love to Go has Taken on Loving a New Pack

Love to Go has expanded their daily feeding to include a new pack, and a few new guys along the way

Love to Go and Building Beyond Me are working to feed the dogs in Naguabo, Puerto Rico, where many are malnourished/have health conditions.

It’s funny to think of it this way, but I’m sort of thinking of this new crew as The Gas Station Pack 2. There are two gas stations as we leave our part of town. One on one end, and one on the other. As you know, we’ve been feeding The Gas Station Pack for quite some time, as well as the Tropical Beach Crew and others around the area.

The dogs tend to congregate around the gas stations because the trash that people throw out is sometimes edible. Gas stations around the island do what they can do discourage the dogs from hanging out at them because they can be a nuisance to customers, etc. You simply can’t blame them though. They are hungry and surviving the only way they know how.

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Our Partnership with Love to Go

Puppies looking for food by the gas station

Love to go also provides medications for heartworm and mange when necessary. It’s through your donations and sustaining accounts that we are able to continue funding the food for these critters. As you can imagine, we go through 50 pounds of food in no time at all. All of the gas and transportation costs are borne by Love to Go.

Everyone in the United States had Bob Barker telling people to have their pets spayed or neutered at the end of every episode of The Price is Right. Puerto Rico’s dogs and cats weren’t so lucky, and have a few strikes against them right out of the gate.

  1. There are simply too many dogs and cats for any one person or organization to care for.

  2. Malnourished mothers are delivering malnourished puppies, and death rates are high.

  3. Spaying and neutering is costly, and takes considerable coordination for mobile clinics.

  4. After Hurricane Maria, many families could no longer afford to feed their pets and simply put them out to the streets.

Love to Go - Caring for abandoned dogs and cats in Naguabo, Puerto Rico

This pack of dogs wait every day by the gas station. Love to Go’s founder feeds them every day, mostly with money from her own pocket that she can’t afford.

Dogs on the beach at Tropical Beach, Naguabo, Puerto Rico. Another pack that Love to Go’s founder feeds daily.

For more information about Love to Go, visit their Facebook Page.