Another Day In the Life - Hurricane Maria

Preparing for the Next One

Hurricane Maria coming to Puerto Rico as shown by

I was planning to be a little more settled by now, but it appears that mother nature has other plans. Izz and I will be staying in the neighborhood for this storm. I know, it's looking like it will be worse than Irma for us, but we're up high on a hill, so it would take a 50+ foot wave to take us out. We'll hang out with the neighbors in stronger structures than our paqueña cabaña azul :) 

I had intentions of getting a good post out today about other things, but I think the time is better spent in battening down the hatches again and making sure we've got enough non-perishables. We're keeping our fingers crossed for light damage and a return to normality (but we don't know what that is yet) soon.

In the meantime, tell us a good story to come back to in the forums.  We'll be in touch soon!