Stress Free? Hurricane Irma Evacuation

Reduce Your Stress - Move Somewhere Tranquil

Who needs electricity or Internet? Or a house for that matter. We just got to our new home in Puerto Rico on Tuesday and we're evacuating tomorrow morning. Exactly one week in the new house. Now I'm hoping it doesn't blow away. All the neighbors tell me it's been through bad storms and always survived, but there's no telling what Irma is going to do. None of my neighbors are evacuating inland. They are sure they are safe, but my house is the most exposed on the street, so we're not staying at the coast.

Here's a model by showing Hurricane Irma and it's proximity in passing Puerto Rico.

Are you also in the storm's path?  Please share your comments below. I'd love to know what you're doing to prepare and how you're handling the stress. This is my first hurricane even though it's not my first time to live on the coast. It's exciting, but worrisome. For a good visualization of the storm, check out

I'm an anxious person. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder on top of Bipolar and Schizoaffective Disorders, plus a host of physical ailments. So, for health reasons it made sense to move to a lower elevation with humidity and a slower pace of life. The process has been in the works since February. There were many hurdles to overcome, each of which seemed insurmountable, but one by one, struggle by struggle, they were completed.

The calm before the storm - Tropical Beach (Yes, it's actually called that)

After months of preparing, the move to Puerto Rico was complete (I didn't tell anyone I was moving, and I'm sorry about that, but I couldn't face it until it was real).  The suitcases barely made it into the house before the news of an approaching hurricane shifted the focus from settling in and trying to relax to working to secure the house as best as possible and make evacuation plans to go inland. Fortunately, I made it to the store in time to stock up on water and non-perishable food, and was able to find a place inland to evacuate to. 

Possible paths of Hurricane Irma

The good thing about an impending emergency is that there is an endless list of things to do. There's not a lot of time to focus on the anxiety of the situation. My dog Izz and I will be safe. Mentally and physically, I am exhausted. I know I'm not in a great mind state right now, but once the electricity goes out, I'll kick back and read.

I hope I can post later in the week that the house is okay, that it has weathered another storm. I hope I have a home to go back to when this is over or that will add an additional layer of complication to life. For some reason I seem to be living life to the extremes, and can't seem to find a moment to relax. I wish I could see my old therapist in Denver and explode all over him with all the troubles of my mind, but that part of life is past, and I have to hope to find a good therapist and psychiatrist here.

After Hurricane Harvey, and all the devastation, I really hope Irma doesn't make it to the mainland. It will do enough damage to the islands. If you missed it there's a previous post on Hurricane Harvey Relief. Hopefully we aren't posting about Hurricane Irma relief in a few days, but mother nature gets to play her game how she wants. 

I hear there may be another storm behind this one, so there may be a few more ups and downs before it's time to relax. My neighbor across the street says everyone blows things out of proportion and we just need to stay positive and we'll deal with whatever comes. I agree. No need to stress too much. It's just another little adventure.