How's Your World?

How’s Your World?

You know we’re living in unprecedented times with storms, disasters, man-made calamity. So, why can’t we just turn it around?

Sir David Attenborough addressed the UN's COP24 climate change conference on Monday off the back of his social media #TakeYourSeat campaign.

Oh, yeah, wait. Our entire lives were designed for us by a previous generation. We aren’t the ones that decided to pave the world and build sprawling, non-walkable “communities,” and yet here we are. We’re continuing the tradition simply because it’s easier than tackling the problem. No, I’m not blaming anyone in particular (well, maybe Big Oil), but I am concerned about the apathy of the situation. Yes, I want a better world, but oh, I also really want a bigger SUV.

We have been given a broken system. We have the technology and the prowess to solve the problems; to turn the power grids green, to re-think transportation, to stop the paving of the world and the destruction of the forests.

What can I do?

  • Help collect data (super easy at

  • Pick up Litter

  • Recyle

  • Buy your electricity from renewable sources

  • Send thoughts and Prayers (oh, no, that one doesn’t do much)

No matter what you do, do something. Even if you can’t change your life to reduce your carbon footprint, you can do one positive thing. Find it and do it. You’ll feel great.