Oh, You Didn't Know It's Hilarious?

The Hilarious World of Depression

I know that doesn't sound right, but it's actually a fantastic podcast with a lot of humor from American Public Media. They've had some really great guests like Maria Bamford and Peter Sagal from Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me. In between regular full interview episodes, they do "Placebo" mini episodes, and the most recent was on mantras or The Things We Tell Ourselves that Help when we're depressed.

One of the stories that was told was someone who reminded themselves every day that Freddie Mercury was so ill with AIDS when he recorded "The Show Must Go On" that Brian May didn't think he could do it. Mercury slammed some vodka, said "I'll fucking do it, darling" and killed it in one take.

Although the show is really good, my favorite part of the show is actually the theme song, Pagliacci (Wikipedia Reference) by Rhett Miller. I find myself singing it for hours. Every time I hear it, I'm reminded of a post-it note in my friend Rose Angela's house that said, "The funnier the face of the clown, the more sorrows are hidden inside."


I tend to take the stubbed toe approach, and it' not always the best, but I say it anyways. It used to be that when I stubbed my toe I'd wail out a pile of obscenities. I've changed that now to, "the worst is over," which works really well when you've stubbed your toe, but not necessarily when you're dealing with depression because the lows can always get lower. I like to tell myself the worst is over though because it makes me feel like I can survive another minute.


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