From Anxiety to Confidence - One Man's Journey

It's been said many times that depression is inextricably linked to and often exacerbated by anxiety. Anxiety takes many forms, and even for those who are suffering from it, it may not be immediately apparent what it is. 


We're pleased to introduce a new member to Building Beyond Me. This new member is someone who has taken a head-on approach to battling his anxiety, and is at least for the moment, keeping the upper-hand. Our new friend, Jonah, of has been documenting his journey and his battle through blogging and video blogging and has kindly offered to share his story with us. He will be one of our moderators in the Mental Health - Anxiety portion of the forum, and as he publishes new videos, we will be updating the forum with his works and words of wisdom. Make sure to pop into the forum and say hello.

Jonah was plagued with severe social anxiety and depression throughout his younger life, and is now on a mission to not only ensure that he remains in control, but also to help others to overcome their challenges.

"Personally, after going through all of these phases of depression and extreme social anxiety, and studying self-improvement topics for 2+ years, I can now say that I’m constantly moving forward. Now, I consider myself to be extremely self-confident and socially savvy, and there’s no doubt in my mind that I’m going to be successful." – Jonah