Power Through Art & Vision - First Edition Acquisition

 First Edition Acquisition - Power to Puerto Rico Commission -  www.firsteditionacquisition.vision/collections/power-to-puerto-rico

First Edition Acquisition - Power to Puerto Rico Commission - www.firsteditionacquisition.vision/collections/power-to-puerto-rico

First Edition Acquisition - Power Through Art and Vision

Vision and passion, creation and compassion. Building Beyond Me is blessed to have so many fantastic members and supporters, and we're proud to feature First Edition Acquisition as a member. Art is so important to the health of humanity, and First Edition Acquisition is focused on bringing original artworks to the public, supporting artists, and building community.

First Edition Acquisition was founded and is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, where Building Beyond Me was founded, and we are now embarking on a coordinated project to free Puerto Rico's residents from dependence upon a dilapidated and dirty power grid. Through the sale of art, and the promotion of artists both in the mainland U.S., Puerto Rico, and around the world, we're developing the structure to provide solar and renewable energy to the island. It won't stop here, but it can start here. 

We're devoted to creating a better future. Learn more about First Edition Acquisition and view their ever-growing portfolio of original art at www.firsteditionacquisition.vision.