The War is Not Yet Won for LGBTQI+ Youth

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Meet James Swift, aka Fifi Frost, A Conversion Torture Survivor - On the front-lines in the fight to protect LGBTQI+ Youth

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We Must End Conversion Therapy and Support Our Youth

Welcome to Conversion Therapy where we will beat, torture, abuse, degrade, defile, punish, electro-shock, brainwash, sexually abuse, and maybe even rape and sodomize your children, scarring them emotionally for life before tossing them out on the streets because they are "incurable."
Proceeds from book sales go directly to supporting at-risk LGBT youth and to the creation of youth shelters in the American South.

Proceeds from book sales go directly to supporting at-risk LGBT youth and to the creation of youth shelters in the American South.

None of the brochures for conversion therapy, reparative therapy, or "pray away the gay" camps have that as their headline. If they did, would parents and guardians still send their kids to be "cured" of their "demons" or "saved" from their "sinful lives"? Sadly, yes, some parents still would, and more sad still, this is the type of treatment many face.

In this more accepting time we live in, it's hard to think that some parents would still send their children to reparative, anti-gay, or conversion therapy, but the practice continues. Conversion therapy is legal in 41 states, and there are religious loopholes which still allow it to occur in some states where it is banned.

“There is no sound scientific evidence that innate sexual orientation can be changed. Furthermore, so-called treatments of homosexuality can create a setting in which prejudice and discrimination flourish, and they can be potentially harmful (Rao and Jacob 2012). The provision of any intervention purporting to “treat” something that is not a disorder is wholly unethical." –World Psychiatric Association

According to the Human Rights Campaign, 2 in 5 LGBT youth say the community that they live in is not accepting of LGBT People. This is 42% of a population that lives with an underlying fear of persecution, non-acceptance, and potentially being unsafe. In this time, when it might seem like it's easier than ever to grow up gay, gender non-conforming, or anywhere else on the spectrum, there are atrocities being committed against those who are "different." 

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 “Therapy directed at specifically changing sexual orientation is contraindicated, since it can provoke guilt and anxiety while having little or no potential for achieving changes in orientation.” –American Pediatrics Association

Rusted Rhinestones - By Miss Fifi Frost

"Poignantly written by James Swift (aka Ms. Fifi Frost), "Rusted Rhinestones" takes readers deep into the life of the author; born into a Right Wing Cult, shipped off to Anti Gay Conversion Therapy at the age of fifteen, thrown out onto the streets and treated like garbage just because he was gay. It's a shocking expose of the real history and treatment the LGBTQI communities experience through the years and on a daily basis - universal truths the media cover up. But Swift has risen from the ashes and now wants to share his story with the world, in the hope of being able to open up the nations first live in and teaching shelter for any age LGBTQI youth."  –Houston Style Magazine


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