Can't go Home? Okay. I'll go to Lunch.

A Quick Drive to Lunch When the Roads to Home are Flooded

Just an average rainy day on the eastern coast of Puerto Rico. I had left home in the rain, but I was early enough to get out of the area before the floods came. I can’t remember why I had to leave early that day, but I will tell you I was looking forward to getting home. Unfortunately I couldn’t get home, so I took a scenic drive through some of the lesser seen parts of Naguabo, Ceiba, and Fajardo, Puerto Rico.

I tried to go home, but unfortunately both roads that access my neighborhood were far too underwater for passage, so I went to Fajardo to get lunch instead. The rains in Puerto Rico can be simply incredible.

I was quite glad to be stopped for a time at a spot that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to stop to get a picture of the most intact of all of the broken windmills from our windmill farm. It’s amazing to think that we are at 2 years since Hurricane Maria, and nothing has changed in the look of the post apocalyptic wind farm. I wonder how much electricity was created by those 11 windmills. It would sure be great to see these rebuilt and back online because most of our electricity comes from burning heavy fuel oil. We need a less pollutive power grid across the island.

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