Checking in on the Gas Station Pack

With Regular Meals, the Dogs are Getting Healthier

We’re so grateful to our partner, Love to Go, out feeding the dogs in Naguabo on a consistent basis. We’re starting to see health gains in the street dogs and packs that we are able to feed. You might notice that Mama dog is doing much better as well.

We still need to figure out some kind of mobile spay unit, or maybe find and support another organization that is equipped to transport stray dogs. Poco a Poco.

It is through the generous support of our members and donors that allow us to feed as many dogs as we are. The number fluctuates depending on where the dogs are at what times, but Building Beyond Me is currently feeding between 25 to 35 dogs. Obviously, that’s a lot of money, and so that’s why we rely on your support.

It’s so strange, these ongoing challenges that we face in Puerto Rico. I do wonder how many dogs became street dogs after their owners left them in Hurricane Maria related incidents.