Author Latoya Francois Shares Her Truth to Help Others

Latoya Shares Her Journey of Surviving and Coping with Depression

Latoya Francois, Author, Nurse, Survivor -  View My Amazon Bio

Latoya Francois, Author, Nurse, Survivor - View My Amazon Bio

Sharing the intimate details and truths of your life can be some of the most difficult challenges we face. Not only do we open ourselves up to judgement, but we also run the risk of exposing things other people may not be comfortable with. We're very grateful to Latoya for sharing her story with us, and for her bravery in being vulnerable to help other people.

Latoya was born in the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago, and was raised along with her sister by her single mother. Depression started at an early age, but wasn't immediately apparent, as Latoya was a curious child by nature, felt safe in her surroundings, and was happy to involve herself in a neighborhood cricket match in the street.

Writing became a passion at an early age, and would morph into a survival tool in later life as Major Depressive Disorder destroyed the life and career that Latoya had built for herself.

"When I started writing, I never expected to share anything. I was so ashamed of what people would think. Mental health and issues surrounding it, has been on the back burner for too long. I have been ashamed of myself, because I thought I was the problem.
I had to force myself into my own rehabilitation. I learned how to rehabilitate my mind, by rewiring it. I was able to create 5 steps that helped me break the cycle of major depression in my life."

Read Latoya's full story below.

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By Latoya Francois
By Latoya Francois