An Update from Love to Go

Caring for Our Four Legged Friends in Puerto Rico by Partnering with Love to Go

Building Beyond Me, through donations from people and organizations such as The Cape Cod Bottle Fund has been offering food, financial support, and emergency veterinary care whenever possible. We are so grateful to those who have donated to help our four legged friends on the island. Just this week we were able to pay for emergency surgery, a spay, and 35 pounds of puppy food for a family that cannot afford to feed their pups. We’re looking forward to doing so much more.

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A quick update on Mama Dog

There are many cases like this in Puerto Rico. Dogs in poor health, malnourished, or with accute medical problems. We work to facilitate the feeding, medications, and care for as many dogs as we possibly can through our partnership with Love to Go.

Partnering with Love to Go

Love to Go - Caring for abandoned dogs and cats in Naguabo, Puerto Rico

We have partnered with Love to Go, a small grassroots organization right here in Naguabo where Building Beyond Me is based. Love to Go has experience in coordinating with local veterinarians, The Humane Society, mobile clinics, and various other organizations. As expected, they simply don’t have the funding and resources to provide care to the animal population in Naguabo, let alone the other 77 towns on the island. We want to help change this.

We want to help every critter, large and small, and that’s why we’ve chosen to fund Love to Go. We have provided emergency veterinary services for several dogs that would have died without them, as well as humanely putting dogs to sleep when they are suffering.

Puppies at an abandoned home in Naguabo, Puerto Rico

Everyone in the United States had Bob Barker telling people to have their pets spayed or neutered at the end of every episode of The Price is Right. Puerto Rico’s dogs and cats weren’t so lucky, and have a few strikes against them right out of the gate.

  1. There are simply too many dogs and cats for any one person or organization to care for.

  2. Malnourished mothers are delivering malnourished puppies, and death rates are high.

  3. Spaying and neutering is costly, and takes considerable coordination for mobile clinics.

  4. After Hurricane Maria, many families could no longer afford to feed their pets and simply put them out to the streets.

I was listening to an Interview with Fran Drescher, on Justin Long’s Podcast, Life is Short. She spoke so fervently of the importance of having pets. While that’s not always possible, I agree with her. Without my dog, who is my companion animal, I would not be able to function in many ways.

My dog goes with me everywhere I go, to every doctor appointment, and even to one of the scariest places for me, the grocery store. I am so grateful that I am able to care for my own dog, and through Building Beyond Me and the help of neighbors, friends, and community organizations, we are working to improve the lives of others on the island.

Let’s Face it. We all need a friend. When your friends need help, two, four, or eight legged, you do what you can to help.

Heart worm and mange are both big issues with these dogs. To the best of their ability, Love to Go provides heart worm medication and mange control to as many of the dogs as possible.

This pack of dogs wait every day by the gas station. Love to Go’s founder feeds them every day, mostly with money from her own pocket that she can’t afford.

Dogs on the beach at Tropical Beach, Naguabo, Puerto Rico. Another pack that Love to Go’s founder feeds daily.

For more information about Love to Go, visit their Facebook Page.