Crossing Red Lines - Building Beyond Me meets Across Red Lines


Across Red Lines

- Empowering women to use their energies in the path of leadership and humanity.

Across Red Lines takes a wholistic approach to happiness.

Across Red Lines takes a wholistic approach to happiness.

More than just a thank you and introduction. This is a beloved organization that is working steadfastly toward a happier world. Building Beyond Me has been honored to work with Across Red Lines, and their founder, Manal Omar.

Across Red Lines is working to empower women to be leaders in their fields and communities, and also to inspire women to live the most whole and integrated life.

We are also excited to announce that Across Red Lines is a sustaining member of Building Beyond Me. They have a beautiful mission, and we can all benefit from more happiness and hope in the world.

Manal Omar, a leading voice in women's rights, shares some of her time in front of the camera discussing current issues and the need for the creation of Across Red Lines.

We always have the option to look at the positive side of life. The more positive things that we look for, the more seem to come along.


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