Help Abused, Trapped Woman Escape Puerto Rico

Abused and Trapped, Held Hostage in a Foreign Land

Donations through this page will be dispersed directly to the victim and not be processed via Building Beyond Me.

Victim of Abuse at the Hands of Her Husband

We have come across a desperate situation in the aftermath of the hurricanes, and though this predates the storms, thing have gotten worse since. A woman is being isolated, virtually held prisoner, abused, and with no resources to get herself to safety. She moved to Puerto Rico with her husband, a person she thought she knew and could trust, only to be stranded in a land where she knows no one with, no access to money or communication to the outside world. Obviously for safety reasons we are not divulging her information, but simply asking that you help us spread the word in an attempt to raise funds to move her and her few worldly, yet prized possessions. 

A safe location has been established in the United States, where she will have support to get on her feet, but we don’t have the funds available for flights and transport for her possessions. If you or anyone you know works in domestic abuse and victims advocacy, we would appreciate your feedback about resources or funds that may be available. Please email 

A verified PayPal account, under an alias for safety purposes, connected directly to the victim’s personal bank account (which is held in secret from the abusive husband) has been established. Donations to this account will not be processed through Building Beyond Me, but rather directly to the woman in need.

Building Beyond Me has always been about the stories of people and trying to find ways to support them. This situation is heartbreaking. If this is a cause that speaks to you, please hit the share buttons and help us spread the word.