Turning Apathy into Action

We can all take one step

No matter how ugly our toes are :) (those are my toes in the picture, and yes, they’re ugly hehehe)

One of the biggest problems that we face is thinking that we cannot make a change in the world, so we do nothing. We eventually become apathetic if we don’t take action.


As I listened to the chants of the people in Dayton, Ohio, “do something, do something!” It made me realize that while I can’t soothe the wounded hearts, I can do something. I can spread peace and love. I can be involved in the community and help people in small ways. It’s not a big thing, but it is, “doing something.”

We sit here saying, yeah, but what can I do?

  • Check on an elderly neighbor

  • Feed a stray dog

  • Pick up some trash and map it on www.openlittermap.com

  • Be available to people in need of conversation

  • Say hello with a smile

  • Encourage people to know that every person is a human being and deserves equal dignity

  • Talk to strangers

  • Get to know your neighbors

  • Treat someone to somethihng

  • Vote

  • Be informed

I know, my list isn’t very inspiring, but I’m trying really hard to understand that my existence on this earth is not just a carbon footprint to be ashamed of. I can be of service, and when I am in the service of others, I feel better, mentally and physically.