A Little Celebration, A Little Bittersweet

Another Step to Be Taken


Today marks the completion of a saga I wish to put behind me. 2014 saw the destruction of my life. 2017 marks renewal and change.

I celebrate today with a bittersweet beverage, a decaf mocha at Prodigy Coffee. I just finished my last therapy class, fulfilling all of the necessary steps for me to now freely leave Colorado.  Leave I shall.

My therapist for this process, we'll call her Ms. M, gave me a hug and a congratulations on the way out. A few months ago she said to me, "What I see in you is restoration." I feel that more today than I did then.

Well, here we go! Eye of the Tiger is playing in the coffee shop. Everything feels inspiring.  


As a side note, Prodigy Coffee is a humanitarian based organization with a neat setup and a mission. Learn more about them at http://www.prodigyventures.org.  They also have fantastic coffee. Win/win!