I'm Donating My Body to Science (and stuff)

ID Cards for BioGift - In the Event of My Death

For reasons I can't completely explain, I've never wanted to be cremated. The idea of burning just seems uncomfortable. As it turns out though, all I needed was a little shift to make the idea more palatable. Don't burn all of me, just burn what's left! I'm still not big on the idea of cremation, but it may have its perks.

"In the Event of My Death" is now prominently displayed in my wallet. 

Some people that I've talked to have found it morbid or perhaps even an inappropriate conversation topic, but I find the process fascinating. 

For me, the greatest comfort comes in knowing that in the event of my demise, my family and friends will not be strapped with any financial burden. The body broker that I have chosen for my remains to go to will cover all of the costs of transport, disassembly, sales, and then cremation of the remaining bits.  It's a great deal!


Some have expressed the concern that perhaps they are not a reputable organization, and once they have my body, they can do anything they want with it. As it turns out, I'm more than okay with that. The goal is to make my body go away without any costs to my family. So long as that is done, goal achieved! I don't need to worry about what happens to my body. I'm done with it and it's not costing anyone anything to get rid of. 

The company I've chosen is one that does business in a number of states (each state has different rules and regulations regarding body disposal) and conveniently they cover Colorado. The company is called BioGift and is based in Portland, OR. It's neat that one of my last trips on earth will be to the Pacific Northwest, an area that I love.

I do need to have a backup plan, which I haven't quite figured out yet. My fear is that the day I die, someone will call the number on the Oops, I died card only to find that they've gone out of business or their shipping department is temporarily broken. Grumbles. In that case, I'll need another organization to step in. There's also no guarantee that they'll accept my body, depending on their sales needs or the method of death, etc. 

For more information about BioGift and donating your body, visit www.biogift.org