The Future of Energy?

A wise person once told me that all conflicts boil down to population and resources.  How many world conflicts could we avoid if resources such as electricity were available to everyone?  Not just available, but accessible.

My brother and I spend a lot of time talking about how there is bound to be a next "great leap forward" and what that leap will be.  We both agree that the next major leap needs to be in energy production and transportation.  In my opinion, the two go hand in hand as so much energy is expended on transportation.  I believe that the infrastructure required for our current methods of transportation are too large.  The energy to move a bus is being expended primarily to move the bus, not its occupants which pale in comparison to the size and weight of the actual machine. 

"The new technology that frees humanity"

"The new technology that frees humanity"

Dr. Keshe of The Keshe Foundation (  has introduced a power system that generates 5.4 times the amount of power required to run it. This is done with plasma reactors in self contained units.  These power systems have the potential of powering our homes, our cars, and industry. 

Why aren't we using these systems? Dr. Keshe has offered to share the technology with any nation who is willing to adopt a peace treaty which involves providing these energy sources firstly to the elderly and impoverished, and making them available to the population as a whole.  Several European countries including Italy have adopted this treaty, but the United States thus far has apparently turned its nose up at the technology.  

Is it possible that the U.S. has so much investment in oil and fossil fuel infrastructure that the battle is in the hands of big oil and big money?