The Best Seat on the RTD

Gettin' on the bus

Gettin' on the bus

It's not often that I get to sit in my very favorite seat on the bus because most of the buses that I ride don't have my favorite seat in them at all.  My favorite seat exists in the hinge of the super long buses, and the only route that I take with the super long buses is the 15L from Denver to Aurora.  I ride that bus when I'm going home from seeing my therapist or psychiatrist, so only a few times a month.  Sometimes there are already people sitting in my seat, and that makes me a little sad. 


This is my favorite seat because it moves completely independently of the front or the back of the bus.  It's like your own personal carnival ride.  It can be a little disorienting when it unexpectedly swings to the left when you are expecting it to swing to the right and vice versa.  If you're prone to motion sickness, this is probably not the seat for you, but if you're up for a little fun, try it out!

I am impressed with RTD in general.  For the most part, the drivers are kind and willing to share a smile.  The buses and trains are clean, graffiti free, and seem to run on time for the most part. 

Riding the bus is so much easier than it used to be now that we have Google Maps for smart phones.  16 years ago, in a different lifetime, the bus was my primary means of transport when I was living in Tucson, AZ.  Back in those days, you could carry around a map and a bus schedule, but the likelihood that you'd find yourself in need of the map and schedule corresponding with the time that you actually had them was pretty limited.  Unless you knew the bus routes fairly well, it was a risk to just jump on a bus and head off.  Plenty of times I would get onto the wrong bus, or I'd miss my stop and end up walking back to my destination.

With Google Maps on my phone, I don't even think twice.  No matter where I find myself in town, I simply pull up directions to where I need to go and it tells me not only what bus to take, but when the next one will be arriving.  The maps show every bus stop, and it will warn me of when I need to get off the bus.  My how times have changed for the better.  It's totally taken the stress of public transportation.

Today I'm counting myself very fortunate.  I live in a town with good public transportation that allows me to get to where I need to go.  Thanks Denver, and thanks RTD.  For more information about RTD, visit