Can I Really be Honest?

From the Instagram feed of aleks.elliot - See the original here.

Even though very few people read my blog, the fact that it's published publicly leads me to panic about whether or not I'm going to upset someone, or whether I'm sharing too much, being too vulnerable.  

I always fear that my memories are filtered through my experiences and perception, and may not always be accurate.  That said, they're the best that I have, and therefore when recounted, are done so with as much honesty as possible.

This doesn't only apply to other people.  If I'm going to tell my stories, there are going to be times in which I should have also behaved better.  In therapy and recovery, I'm working on facing my shame.  Perhaps there's catharsis in telling some of the things that I'm ashamed about.  Perhaps I'm just opening myself to more shame.  We'll see what happens as the story unfolds.