Lisa Sundstedt - Comedy and Honesty

Lisa Soundstedt talks about being in the moment in her Vlog on

I was introduced to Lisa Sundstedt from her appearance on The Mental Illness Happy Hour podcast.  Lisa is a writer, comedian, teacher, video blogger, and all around interesting woman.  I was immediately drawn to her sense of humor and her level of openness and honesty. 

You have to be great if you name your show "Things I wish someone would have taught me when I was younger so that I could've had a happier childhood and not needed therapy, medication, self help books, and 12 step programs just to be able to get along in life."  

Lisa talks frankly about her struggles with bipolar disorder.  I am most grateful that she goes into significant detail about the manic side of bipolar.  I find that you hear a lot more about the depressive side of bipolar, and therefore it's easy to overlook just how dangerous and impactful the manic side of the disorder can be.  I identified immediately with Lisa's talk of shame and embarrassment that follow a manic episode.

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Sometimes I don’t know what’s real and what isn’t. That’s what I love about stand-up comedy. You can have an intuition that a joke will be funny and you can go on stage, you can try it, and then you get validated immediately.
— Lisa Sundstedt