Instructions For a Bad Day - Shane Kocyzan

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If there were ever a person that exemplifies building beyond, it is Shane Kocyzan, the spoken word poet.  Like millions of others, I was introduced to him on social media by the viral video, "To This Day."  That video seemed to tell my story.  When I was a kid, in a small school in a small town, I was taunted and bullied relentlessly for being different, and though I saw the film as an adult, it still helped me to feel not so alone.  It was also one of the reasons that I decided to start  I saw this man, telling his story through art.  It was awe inspiring.

Today I happened upon another piece of his work, "Instructions for a Bad Day."  Again, I was forced to marvel at how his words spoke so deeply to my core, and made me feel like I was okay, when minutes before, I was not feeling like I was going to be okay.  Again I felt that the universe delivered exactly what I needed at the right time.

"Instructions For a Bad Day" by Shane Koyczan.