Nice talking to you as well :)

After therapy, I went outside to have a cigarette.  I felt like I had a lot to process.  I sat down on a cement block in the shade next to the sidewalk around the corner from the entrance to the building.  Out of nowhere, a woman sat down beside me.

She sat down next to me as though we were friends and then she placed a plastic bag next to her left foot.

"Be careful with these." She told me. 

"What is it?" I asked.

"My teeth," she said. "I have to get them readjusted."

"What's your name?" I asked her.


"I'm Ryan."

We sat quietly next to one another for a few moments. She pulled out her phone and held it up for me to see. On the lock screen was a picture of her, smiling broadly, showing off her teeth.  I smiled. She smiled back, lips closed.

"I'm a busy person," She told me. "Yep, lots to do with shopping, chores, and laundry."

"What do you do for fun?" I asked. 

"Play games. Slots. There are lots of different combinations and sometimes you get a bonus. The bonus is the most fun."

She got up and walked away. As she was walking away, her back toward me, she said, "Nice talking to you, Ryan."

I don't know where she came from and I don't know where she was going. The whole experience happened so quickly, I almost wonder if it happened at all.  If it weren't for the fact that she dropped a cigarette butt, which was in the same place she dropped it after she left, I might very well have thought my mind was playing tricks on me again.