Words and a Candle for Our Friends - World Suicide Prevention Day

Light a candle for our taken friends, for those we've lost, and almost lost.  For those who live on.  For all of us.

Their lives were taken from them
They are not to blame
They struggled so valiantly
They struggled to their ends

These are – my taken friends

I light a candle for the taken friends
The comrades in arms

The ones who’s battles were fought
Fraught with the danger
Inside of the mind

Taken too early
To their ends.

Never will I forget you,
My taken friends.

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day.  Today is a day when the International Association for Suicide Prevention asks us to light a candle, to remember, to show our support for suicide prevention.  Suicide affects so many of us in myriad ways. 

Let's never forget all of those whom we've lost.  Let's love and support those who struggle.

For more information, visit www.iasp.info/wspd