BoJack Horseman - Drives me crazy and I love it

In the new Netflix animated series, BoJack Horseman, there's hardly a scene that goes by that doesn't offer some little tidbit in the background that makes me want to hit the 10 second rewind button and then pause it so I can read every label, T-shirt, or sign.

Anyone that knows me knows that I'm not a television watcher, and it's rare that I find a show that I can make it past the first few minutes, let alone the first episode. BoJack Horseman has proven to be one of those rare few that grabbed me from the beginning.    

What Drives Me Crazy

The very first thing that grabbed my attention was at the very beginning of the show.  It makes me nuts and and it's in the intro, so I see it every time a new episode starts.

What is wrong with this picture?

It may seem like a trivial thing, and yes, it is a very trivial thing, but it makes me crazy every time I see the pool on BoJack's deck.  It's very clear in my mind that the pool as pictured in the first picture cannot possibly be the same pool as the subsequent two pictures.  It's WAY too shallow!  Maybe it's just me...

What I love

I don't think the story grabbed me in the beginning.  I didn't really get into the story until a few episodes in, but then I guess the story didn't really get into the story until a few episodes in. :)  What struck me right off the bat were those little details that I mentioned earlier.  Everything in the background.  Those funny little details that your brain hardly has time to note.  Every brand name on every label or storefront has been changed in a funny way.  7-11?  No, they visit 8-12.  Coffee?  How about a Mexicano?  This show was meant to be watched with the pause button at the ready.

What exactly is a Mexicano?

What a special!  Black coffee for $4.50

I suppose I should have expected great things considering my love of Amy Sedaris. I fell in love with her voice from her bit parts in her brother, David's Sedaris', audio books, and my love was solidified when I experienced Strangers with Candy.  I'm surprised to say, her character is much more mainstream than I would have anticipated, but she still shines through her Princess Caroline, the pink cat character quite well.

I'm not sure what the point of having part of the cast be animals while some are humans.  I haven't decided if I like or dislike it.  It's funny that they don't make any point of explaining it, and it really doesn't seem to be an important part of the show, except for small things like the funeral director being a maggot and Mr. PeanutButter (apparently it's supposed to be one word) the dog still has to chase mailmen, only he does it in his car.  Odd that, but hey, it works.  

The part of the show that I really am enjoying is the exploration into the pasts of the main characters.  They touch on subjects of bad childhoods and mistakes of the past.  I don't know how far they'll go as I'm only a few episodes in, but I've never seen a show (and note, I've seen very few shows) that deals with these topics in quite the same way.  

If nothing else, it has been really nice to find something that has been able to take my mind out of it's anxious and depressed state for a little bit and let it get lost in a completely absurd yet oddly deep interpretation of the lives of some pretty messed up... er... people?