Peyton - A little girl, not with her mother

I received an impassioned plea from a friend in England.  I'll give you her words, not mine.  I had the opportunity of spending time with this mother and her baby girl Peyton in Massachusetts and Colorado several years ago.  My experience with Mum is that she is a good mother.  I don't see everything, but I know that when people have the right support, they can achieve what they need to. 

Name: Mummy In England
What should you like us to know? :): In April 2011 I hit my daughter, I was wrong to do so and asked for help. The help I wanted was not to hurt my child, ie work/funded child care, anger management, parenting classes and the co parent to stop arranging to see daughter then changing plans at last minute or not putting important dates in his diary. I didn't get this help, in June the co parent decided to rock the boat and let our daughter down again, I lost my job because of social services involvement, I threw a sippy cup at daughter, my friend took her to social services and the father on their instruction withheld daughter illegally, I got daughter back on 13th July 2011 with social services telling me consequence of non compliance, two days later the fathers ex alleged I had lashed out at daughter and my daughter was placed with my parents. The next week a stranger to me wrote a four page hearsay letter making false allegations of neglect. I was taken to court by social services supporting the father to care for our daughter. This was too much for me and I tried to take my life on 12th September 2011, I didn't die but I woke up next day having lost residence of my daughter to her Father andI have been fighting for her back ever since. I did nearly two years of supervised contact and now have not seen her since 19th August 2013 except for a random 5 minutes in a Cafe in May 2013. I am restricted under section 91 (14) of the children's act to make an application until November 2018...

I love you baby girl
(Sent via Building Beyond)

If you have any words of advice, or any ability to help in this situation, please either comment, or send us a private message with the form on this page.  Please be kind.  Remember that we are all worthy of getting better.  We are guilty of everything we do in life, yet we are not to blame, as we are all products of our past.  Let's help this Mummy in England build beyond.

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