Charity or Solidarity? An Update on BBMe.

How can one properly express gratitude for the support and kindness that has been shown over the past few months?   I don't know that it's possible.  

Over the past couple of months  I've received notes of encouragement from strangers, a few people have purchased art, a few people have used our affiliate links on Amazon and iTunes, a fruit basket was sent to Auntie Robin, and a kind person donated a computer to an artist who is trying to start a business selling his art.  This kindness has been heart warming.  People truly do care. 

It was my hope that we could turn Building Beyond Me into a community with many contributors, a place to open conversation and to create a network whereby people could post about their challenges and perhaps help other people with their challenges.  It remains my hope that this can occur, but at the moment, my own life challenges are preventing me from spending as much time and energy on building this site to the extent that I would like.  

This site was originally started as a personal blog, a place where I could tell my story.  The site has taken a few sidetracks, and I truly hope that one day we can become a charity, built on the principles of solidarity. 

-- Ryan