Staying Connected, Staying Motivated

Through Staying Connected and Motivated, Auntie Robin is not only surviving, she's beginning to Thrive!

Video Update June 26, 2014

Through a dramatic change in diet (we're loosely following the juice reboot from and juicing with Joe's recommended Breville juicer), exercise, and most importantly encouragement, we're seeing dramatic results. 

Whenever I think of how "hard" my life is, I think of Auntie Robin and the life she has had and the challenges that she is currently facing. This woman is such an inspiration to me, always reminding me that it's okay, and that we can still be happy no matter what.  In the last weeks, Auntie Robin has lost a grand baby to the Department of Children and Family, learned that her daughter is going to prison, and has maintained the notion that she can heal herself and help her family.  Something she never thought possible.

Watch a quick video where Robin herself will tell you about how she's doing.  Please, share this if it touches anything in you.  

I got Auntie Robin an iPhone so that she wouldn't feel so isolated, and it's been amazing to watch her face light up with joy every time she sees someone's face on FaceTime.  If only there were WiFi nearby, we wouldn't have such huge data charges.  It's worth it though to keep Robin connected and motivated.  Loneliness has been one of her biggest hurdles.

Today we are glad to report that Robin is making progress!  Her weight is down and steadily falling off.  Her breathing has improved thanks to the good folks at The Vapeway who donated juice for the vaporizer that we got her to help her stop smoking Newports which she has smoked since she was a child.  Blood pressure and blood sugar are both stabilizing in the normal range for the first time in years!  We really are saving her life! 

This road has been hard, but Auntie Robin says she's "I'm doing this to save my grand babies."  There couldn't be a more noble cause.  The family needs her.

We're so proud of the work that Robin is doing.  All words of encouragement are appreciated.  Please feel free to call or email to let her know that you're rooting for her.  It helps so much!  

  • Email:
  •  Phone 203.892.2970
    (Remember she's in CT, Eastern Time, UTC-05:00).  Please limit calls to between 10:30 AM and 9:30 PM.
What's on your mind? Do you have an encouraging word for Auntie Robin?