Meet Bishop - The man that will make your shoes - With Love

I met Bishop through a series of "interesting" circumstances.  His mantra is "be happy" and it is his mission to raise is children to honor his message and their heritage.  Bishop has 6 children, several of whom still live in Africa.  With any luck, and your kindness, he will one day be reunited with his kids.  

When I asked Bishop what his dream was, he said it was to run his own business and never need to ask anyone for help.  At a young age, Bishop's father taught him to make shoes, and with that knowledge, he intends to make custom shoes, with love.

He doesn't have the money for the tools and materials to make the shoes, but he hopes to find a treasure in the dumpster that will afford him the simple luxury of making a living.  I think we can help him out in that regard.

Bishop is one of the happiest, friendliest, most generous people I've had the pleasure to meet.  You will get the better end of the deal though because you will walk away with a lightness in your spirit knowing that someone can overcome the most devastating that life can throw at you.